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Home » Your Wedding » Wedding Planning Timeline

Wedding Planning Timeline

BOTANICA's Wedding Planner Timeline

6 to 12 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Announce engagement to family and intimate friends;

  2. Select a wedding date and time;

  3. Select type (size, formality and setting) and location of wedding;

  4. Consult a priest or an officer;

  5. Build a preliminary list of guests and attendants;

  6. Select wedding dress and headpiece, set a date for fittings and delivery;

  7. Select and rent the broom's wedding attire;

  8. Select your professional photographer and shop for caterer, consultant, music and entertainment, florist (BOTANICA - Flowers, Balloons & Gifts, of course), etc. Have engagement pictures taken and sent to family and friends.

4 to 6 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Come by BOTANICA to discuss your color schemes, budget and type of floral arrangements and bouquets during ceremony and reception;

  2. Finalize menu and budget with caterer;

  3. Choose musicians and/or disc-jockey;

  4. Come by BOTANICA to select and organize printing of invitations, thank you notes, access maps and other related stationary needs;

  5. Select wedding rings;

  6. Review list of guests and attendants;

  7. Submit wedding list, gift registry and gift choices;

  8. Honeymoon: travel agent, budget and destination;

  9. Review contracts and written agreements with BOTANICA - Flowers, Balloons & Gifts, caterer, photograph, musicians, tailor, dressmaker, etc.;

  10. Select, best man, lady-in-waiting, bridesmaids, attendants, etc.;

  11. Rent attire if necessary for grooms, attendants, ushers and witnesses;

  12. Finalize guest list.

3 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Meet with priest or religious officiant;

  2. Select music with musician, organist or solist;

  3. Honeymoon: passports, visas, vaccines, insurance;

  4. Decide upon rehearsal date;

  5. Choose and order wedding cake and floral ornaments if any;

  6. Bar: budget, wine selection and quantity;

  7. Transportation: book limo or other transport;

  8. Transportation and accommodations for attendants and guests if necessary;

2 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Mail out invitations and announcements with confirmation notice 30 days before wedding;

  2. Confirm arrangements taken with priest or officiant.

1 Month Before the Wedding

  1. Plan wedding rehearsal with dinner or cocktail the day before wedding (Groom's mother);

  2. Choose gifts for groom and attendants;

  3. Final wedding dress fitting, final fitting for attendants;

  4. Acknowledge received gifts and send thank you note;

  5. Pick up wedding rings;

  6. Appointment with hairdresser and/or makeup artist (Bring headpiece and accessories);

  7. Honeymoon: finalize hotel and ticket reservations; plan for clothes and accessories;

  8. Honeymoon night: book an hotel room;

  9. Transportation: confirm arrangements with drivers.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

  1. Reconfirm everyone's task and responsibilities;

  2. Phone guests that have not replied to the wedding invitation;

  3. If necessary, change address and/or name on ID and credit cards, etc.;

  4. Last minute shopping for wedding and honeymoon;

  5. Pick up wedding dress and accessories.

1 Week Before the Wedding

  1. Prepare the payment envelop for church;

  2. Draw a plan of top table and arrange guests or attendants' parties;

  3. Review attendants' attire;

  4. Purchase traveler's check and foreign currencies;

  5. Reconfirm rehearsal day.

1 Day Before the Wedding

  1. Pack you baggage for your honeymoon;

  2. Confirm: hairdresser and makeup artist;

  3. Have your wedding ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner;

  4. Give the gifts to attendants;

  5. Give the best man the amount the professionals are to be paid on the day of the wedding;

  6. Go to bed early!

Your Wedding Day!

  1. Hairdressing/makeup;

  2. Delivery by BOTANICA of the bride's bouquet, the corsage for the attendants and the floral arrangements for the ceremony locations and reception;

  3. Bride's dressing ( two hours before ceremony);

  4. Photograph session (allow at least an hour);

  5. Departure for the church or town hall (the bride should arrive five minutes before ceremony);

  6. Arrival of the groom and of his best man 20 minutes before wedding;

  7. Arrival of the mother of the bride and the best maid (five minutes before the bride);

  8. Arrival of the bridesmaids (five minutes before the wedding);

  9. Arrival of the bride and her father (immediately after the bridesmaids);

  10. Ceremony and reception...

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