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Corporate Accounts and other Specialty Services

BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts: Caring about your corporate image since 1995.

BOTANICA – Flowers & Gifts: The partner of choice for businesses!

We would to thank you for taking the time to look at this web page. Your interest testifies to your constant worry of improvement of the corporate image projected by your organization. It is with that in mind that we would like to present the products and services of BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts. We want to show you how BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts can help you to promote your company and its products and, ultimately, to achieve your business goals. Please take the time to carefully read this document to understand all the benefits of doing business with BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts.

Make a good impression from the outset
Your corporate image is important, we know. This is why we attach as much importance to it as you do. Competition is fierce in your field and standing out is not an easy task. Use BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts to help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to open the doors you seek to open. We know that your customers are demanding and refined. Each floral testimony of thanks or congratulations, each centerpiece for your cocktails and receptions, each customized gourmet basket or each corporative gift sent on behalf of your business must be impeccable and sumptuous. Trust BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts to create floral arrangements, personalized gourmet baskets or promotional gifts that will do your company proud and whose appearance will contribute to project an image of prosperity and high professionalism.

An incredible selection of flowers, fruits and gourmet baskets, greeting cards and gifts with personalization service
Whether by delivering flowers, a fruit basket or a personalized gift, BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts is able to improve your image and the professionalism you project while saving you time and money.  Our gift catalog includes over 3000 products for all budgets, all likely to please your customers. We are able to include specific products or the best bottles of wine to our bouquets or gourmet baskets. Our “Taste of Quebec” gourmet baskets are a must which can satisfy the most epicurean of your customers. Moreover, plants and potted flowers are interesting alternatives to greeting cards and traditional gifts in that they last a long time and make it possible to enhance your visibility in an original and economic way. Finally, depending on the required quantities, we can customize special products like cuddly toys, digital picture frames or any other gadget of interest with your corporate colors or logo. We can then manage on your behalf the multiple deliveries throughout North America.

We manage the important dates of your customers on your behalf 
We can manage on your behalf any list of birthdays or other important dates that are important to you or your customers. We also offer a free reminder service to help you recall these important dates. It’s a bit as if a virtual assistant advised you not to forget Executive Assistant Day or the anniversary of this special customer that provided you with so much useful information.

Ideas where BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts can make all the difference
Is your schedule completely broken? You can order 24 hours a day,7 days a week  by telephone, email, fax or through our secure online shop at www.botanicadirect.com. You can also telephone or fax your order toll free at 1-888-206-8378 from anywhere in North America. BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts adapts to the complex agenda of business people. Here are some examples of projects we can do for you:
  • Take note of the birthday or anniversary dates and other important dates of your colleagues, your clients and of their assistant or spouse, leave us a stack of your business cards, and use our convenient management service of key important dates so that BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts will deal for you with the delivery of a gift, a gourmet basket or an appropriate personalized bouquet to your customers according to criteria and budget you have determined with us earlier.
  • Rather than mailing the same old Christmas cards to your customers, why not send poinsettias customized with your corporate colors or logo? Or our famous “Taste of Québec” Gourmet baskets? It is much cheaper than you think and, most importantly, you’ll have a bigger and much longer exposure!
  • We can engrave or print your logo or attach your business card on a multitude of products or corporate-gifts. We can then manage the delivery of these gifts for you.
  • Brighten your work environment by buying or renting floral arrangements, green or artificial plants with free service of cleaning, dusting and minor fixing of your plants. The Subscription plans such as “Rent-a-plant” or “Subscribe-to-flowers” enable you to prepay the subscription and include, as appropriate, the plant care and the regular replacement of your arrangements or plants, whether they are natural or artificial.
  • We have a selection of over 3000 gifts available and a large catalog of greeting cards and invites that can be customized. We can thus become your supplier of top-of-the-line personalized greeting cards or we can deliver poinsettias or plants with a pot cover boasting the colors of your company to all your customers.
  • Obtain delivery of any of our floral arrangements or gifts directly to your preferred customer, at the office, at home or in your corporate events.
  • Surprise your customers by celebrating special days that we manage for you.
We carry out deliveries not only throughout the Quebec City metropolitan area but everywhere in the world whether in Montreal, Toronto, in the United States or overseas. We also know how to keep the surprise and how to make complex and multiple deliveries. Some companies use our services to make multiple deliveries across Canada of flowers or gourmet baskets.

Of course, we offer an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

Nothing is more eloquent than flowers
Flowers can often express what we cannot put into words. They are the perfect medium to thank a customer or an employee, to welcome a new associate, to show your appreciation to your boss, to conclude a transaction, to congratulate a colleague. Or, to say “Happy Birthday or Anniversary, Get Well Soon, Congratulations, Thank you! ” – or any occasion you wish to brighten with a warm touch.
Whether your colleagues or your customers got a promotion, others took a well deserved retirement or others gave birth to a healthy baby, celebrate the occasion with flowers or a superb basket of fruits or a customized basket of gourmet treats. Whether to commemorate religious holidays like Christmas or Easter or civic commemorative days like the international Day of Secretaries or Doctor, Grand-parents or Bosses’ Day, a floral testimony of appreciation is always welcomed.
We guarantee your satisfaction unconditionally
You can always count on BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts for the excellence of its service and the quality of its flowers and its arrangements. We guarantee your satisfaction unconditionally. We only deliver fresh cut flowers, lush plants, splendid arrangements, baskets or gifts. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase or your order, please let us know immediately and we will replace it or refund you without condition. So there is no risk. We will strive to give you the only service you deserve: the best!
Better yet, a quick comparison will lead you to note that our prices are amongst the best in town, and this, even if we do not skimp on quality.

Superior quality at competitive prices
The benefits of doing business with BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts are numerous. Let’s look at quality first. The elements that constitute our arrangements are first rate and the direct result of our long experience and of a long process of continuous improvement of quality and freshness. The resulting arrangement is a splendid bouquet of flowers that will remain beautiful much longer. Moreover, because we buy most of the time directly from the growers, without middlemen, we can make you benefit from substantial savings over the competition, in addition to providing a unique quality product.

Free management service of key important dates
Why worry about the planning and logistics of sending a little something when appropriate to your employees or your most important customers when you can entrust the inventory of these dates and their management to BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts. In accordance with the criteria and budget determined in advance with you, we manage with the upmost diligence the special holidays and the birthdays of your customers, employees, colleagues or friends to maximize your corporate image. We handle shipping and logistics surrounding your floral tokens of gratitude or your corporative gifts. And for your convenience, we can invoice your purchases monthly.

Free Consulting Services and on-site commercial decoration services
Our seasoned and experienced florists are always available for advice on interior and floral decoration as well as maintenance of plants and flowers, whether they are natural or artificial. We can also assist you in planning special events such as receptions and business meetings and add to them a touch of fantasy and professionalism at low cost. Take advantage of our free floral consulting service at home or at your office for your interior and external design.

A personalized service and worldwide deliveries
Our higher quality is not a pretext to raise prices or to reduce service. In fact, we do not make any compromise in these fields. We guarantee the fast and courteous, accurate and effective service necessary to the satisfaction of your customers. Our prices usually beat any competition and do not comprise additional hidden fees. Minimal delivery charges apply, covering the Quebec City Metropolitan Area and its South Shore. But there is more! We can deliver your bouquet or gift everywhere in Canada or around the world! Unlike most florists, BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts do not charge any relay fee for North American deliveries and, because of our partnerships with carefully selected Master Florists  and our innovative use of the Internet and of  the Dove computerized floral transmission system, we are able to make you save on overseas orders.

Payment terms that make your life (and accounting) simpler
BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts offers its business customers the simplest terms possible. We can open an account for you and all your transactions will be consolidated into a detailed invoice which will be sent to you once a month. We want to make your life easier. So you get immediate credit on future purchases. Moreover, unlike many companies, all our proposals, assessments and evaluations are free.

Purchase or lease of floral arrangements, natural or artificial plants and free plant refresh service
We can offer arrangements or plants that meet your most demanding needs  by providing you with easy purchase or rental plans that will simplify you the life. Our rental plans like “Subscribe-to-a-plant” or “Subscribe-to-flowers” enable you to prepay and also include, as appropriate, maintenance, regular replacement or rotation of plants, dried or artificial arrangements or a weekly (or faster) replacement of your fresh flower arrangements. You can also allow your company, your employees and your customers to benefit from these programs and packages as well. More still, as part of our corporate plan and with the purchase of any regular subscription from BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts, we offer a free cleaning and refresh session for your natural and artificial plants. These practical packages allow you to make substantial additional savings that increase according to their duration, and include delivery and maintenance. For example, you can purchase a fixed price six months duration package for the weekly delivery of a splendid arrangement of natural or artificial flowers for your entrance hall or the department of your customer. Thus, every Monday morning, or at any other time that you prefer, BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts will deliver and showcase a natural flower arrangement. Or, your company can buy several fixed prices “Subscribe-to-a-plant” packages to decorate a conference room. These splendid, natural or artificial plants, will be installed in your premises, regularly maintained and changed before you can get tired of them. Long term subscriptions are also available. What more? As with any purchase, BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts always guarantees your satisfaction, unconditionally.
As part of our corporate plan, we will carry out a free transplantation of plants or flowers with any purchase of a plant or a vase from our company.

If you have any question or for a proposal, do not hesitate to contact us at corporate.accounts@botanicadirect.com or by phone toll free at 1-888-206-8378.