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Ordering Advice


Don't worry if you don't know exactly what it is you're looking for.  By following these simple tips from BOTANICA - Flowers & Gifts and Flowers Canada, you can order flowers with confidence:

  • When ordering flowers, describe personality types, as well as favorite hobbies or colors if you know them. Your florist can match help you match the floral arrangement for exactly the right type of person.
  • Our florists are experts on offering suggestions on how best to celebrate holidays with flowers.  Tell your florist if the gift is for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary or other personal milestone).
  • When looking for flowers for decorating and entertaining, describe the environment of the arrangement and your florist will create an arrangement that complements the style and colors of your home or the event.
  • Ask your florist for specific colors or color themes. Let your florist know if you prefer a mixed flower arrangement or an arrangement made up of just one type of flower.
  • Provide your florist with the necessary basic information - the name, full address and phone number of the recipient, the delivery date, your card message and payment information.

No matter where you are getting your flowers or who you are sending flowers to, BOTANICA -Flowers & Gifts or any other Flowers Canada florist can provide the utmost in quality and service that you are looking for.


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