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Flowers for Him

Want To Get Him To Open Up? Send Flowers

A behavioral study conducted at Rutgers University shows that men who receive flowers demonstrate increased social interaction and happiness. This research expands on previous data collected, which showed that flowers enhance happiness and social connections among women.

Conducted by Rutgers University student researcher Holly Hale and psychology professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., the study involved two groups of men who varied in age and ethnicity, one group who received a surprise gift of flowers and a control group who did not. The subjects' verbal cues and body language (measures of social interaction) were studied.

The men who received flowers demonstrated increased eye contact in conversation, stood in closer proximity to the researchers, and produced more and truer smiles than those men who did not receive flowers.

While in general, women displayed a greater level of emotion in their study, the effects are equal. "When it comes to receiving flowers, men and women are on the same playing field," said Haviland-Jones. "It seems that we all express extraordinary delight and increase our social behavior."

Do men like flowers?

You bet they do! Men appreciate the sentiment and beauty of flowers just as women do! In fact, it can be a nice surprise for him to receive an unexpected bunch of blooms! Here are some tips on selecting and sending flowers to a man.

  • Men tend to prefer vibrant colors. Blues, Purples, Yellows, Reds and Oranges.

  • For texture ask your florist to use premium greenery to compliment the flowers. Ruscus is a beautiful accent. Ask your florist for greenery suggestions.

  • Consider a unique vase, container or basket. Cobalt Blue vases are a nice alternative to a clear vase, and are a great foundation for vibrant colors.

  • Tropical flowers are colorful and rich in texture. Consider sending him a tropical arrangement in a unique container.

  • Sending roses to that special man? Consider a unique variety to make a real impression. Instead of the standard reds send him a dozen or two Black Magics, Black Beauties or Black Baccaras. These dramatic deep red rose varieties are sure to make a statement!


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