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Flowers for Her

Throw her for a Loop

OK, OK, we all know that giving flowers is the international way to say “I messed up and I’m sorry” but the best reason to give her flowers is for no reason at all. When you buy her that bouquet because you made a boo-boo, although the gesture is nice, it's clear that it's a mercy plea or forgiveness.
On the other hand, if you stop by that local flower shop and buy her a dozen roses just because you want her to know that she is constantly on your mind, she'll feel beautiful, appreciated, and adored. Every woman loves to receive flowers but, even more than receiving them, women love to be surprised.

Do It "Just Because"

Spring is in the air; the birds are singing and the flowers are in full bloom. It’s beautiful outside so why not do something beautiful for someone that you care about? The best reason to send flowers is “just because” so why not send a little of that sunshine that you’re feeling someone else’s way?!
In addition, polls have proven that 83% of women enjoy flowers more if they are a complete surprise.
So, you’re sold on the idea of sending flowers, now how do you choose which kind to order? Steer clear of the stereotypical, like roses, and embrace the season. Spring is busting with vivid colors and some spring flowers that celebrate them include daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth.