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Fair Flower Policy

Fair Flowers Policy

It's said that when you buy flowers, you buy emotion. Yet, you often don't necessarily buy quality or ethically produced plants or flowers. Nowadays, customers can vote with their wallet and purchase flowers knowing that the entire production cycle underwent the highest level of scrutiny and accountability possible in the flower market. We want to be part of the solution for a better future.

Buying ethical and fair flowers or plants from an ethical supplier helps improve and assure fair living standards for flower farm workers and their families by ensuring worker safety, wage security, education and health care. Also, since these providers practice environmentally responsible flower growing methods, recycling and waste disposal, we are thus supporting sustainable development. Purchasing fair flowers is hence an highly responsible consumer act.

We at BOTANICA, we will do our best to use best in class ethical practices and ethical flower suppliers. We will make sure we stimulate the use and uses reputable suppliers of sustainably produced flowers and plants that are supporting ethical flower growing practices. We will use ethical flowers when possible or available.

Thus consumers can be confident that they do the right thing for the environment and for the future of their children when they are purchasing flowers through “BOTANICA – Flowers, balloons & Gifts”.